Let’s go exploring: Lio Piccolo

The historical village of Lio Piccolo, is just a few kilometers from the campsite and one of the hidden gems of our local area. While most guests just enjoy the beach, it’s the more exploring guests that discover this ancient place with its fascinating history during their holiday.

Lio Piccolo is part of the unique eco system that is the Venetian lagoon, here both history and nature have a part to play. The history teaches us that the Romans have been here and recent discovers tell an interesting tale about this aspect.

Lio Piccolo

Time seems to have stood still in the tiny centre of the village that is dating back to the 17th century, nature on the other hand is all around and changing every season. Narrow lagoon canals, fishing valleys and sandbanks house a rich variety of flora and fauna. There are many species of birds that nest here such as beautiful white herons, cormorants and many more, with the absolute highlight being the pink flamingos. Depending on the season you might see a flight of bird’s low above the water.

The best way to visit this spectacular area and village is of course by bike, a 15 min. bike ride that will make you feel in a completely different environment compare to the campsite. In this way you get to discover the best that Lio Piccolo has to offer and a true sense of its beauty.

Cavallino by Bike

Feeling more adventurous, there is always the option of kayaking through the lagoon and discovering everything in that way. You can find more info about the kayaks here

Cavallino by kayak

Lio Piccolo has a rich agricultural history and you can see many old farms around in various different styles. The best time to visit this truly lovely village is at the end of the afternoon, when the sun sets over the fields and creates a beautiful scenography. There are the various small restaurants that serve local dishes, if you want to have lunch or dinner around Lio Piccolo.

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