Burano: the colourful island of the Venetian lagoon

Apart Venice, whose beauty is undisputed, there are many other islands in the Venetian lagoon that worth a visit. Very close to Ca’Savio you can find the charming island of Burano, famous for its brightly coloured houses that reflect on the water of the canals and for the handmade lace. Burano is a welcoming island, strongly linked to traditions, where children still play free on the narrow streets called “calli”. You will definitely fall in love with it!

Today Burano is a fishing village of about 2,000 full-time residents, whose main industry is tourism, with day trippers from Venice coming to buy lace and admire the colourful and picturesque houses and bridges. The tradition of painting houses is related to the island’s heritage as a fishing village: the bright colours made it easier to fishermen to find their homes in the thick fog of the lagoon. Moreover Burano residents favor the bright paint for marking where one property ends and another begins.

Top things to see on Burano

Burano is wonderful on any occasion: for a romantic walk at the sunset, for a family lunch or for a one-day trip to discover its wonders. Here our tips for an unforgettable visit:

  • Via Galuppi, the island’s main street where are pastry and souvenir shops, stores, bars, and restaurants. This street is normally crowed by many tourists, but if you walk from here you will see fewer tourists and can enjoy the peacefulness of the canals
  • Piazza Galuppi, the only square on the island, famous for hosting the Museum and School of Lace where you can discover the magical art of lace. If you want to buy handmade lace, be prepared to pay! Today the most of the laces are made by machine, but if you are looking for handmade lace, don’t expect to buy cheap items…
  • Casa di Bepi (“Bepi’s House”). In the past, the colour of each house in Burano was chosen by the municipality, but today every family is free to colour it as it pleases. In the 1960s Mr. Bepi, known as Bepi delle caramelle (Bepi of sweets”), because he sold the sweets in the main square of the island, decided to decorate the façade of his house with geometric patterns, using the typical colours of Burano. During the years Mr. Bepi repainted many times his house changing constantly its look and today it is the most famous house in Burano. Bepi’s house is located in Corte del Pistor, 275 just behind Piazza Galuppi
  • The leaning tower of San Martino Church (XV century), today the former bell tower of the church, is a great spot for pictures with a wonderful view of the island and the lagoon
  • San Martino Vescovo Church is very special, because it has not a main entrance, but only a side entrance. The exterior of the church, still unfinished, has the shape of a hut, while the inside is a Latin cross with three naves in Baroque-Lombard style
  • Fondamenta Cao di Rio is one of the most picturesque canals on the island. Here the coloured houses reflect on the water with alternated or mixed colours: the effect is spectacular. The Fondamenta Cao di Rio ends with a small terrace with a wonderful view of Torcello
  • Fondamenta Terranova is famous for its small squares always decorated with hanging clothes and with ancient wells in the center. Here, from the side of the lagoon, you can admire the moored fishing boats with their nets and fish traps, but also meet the fishermen!
  • The Love Viewing Bridge is so named because it is placed in one of the most beautiful spots on the island. Many tourists stop here to take a picture embraced with a panorama full of houses and colourful reflections. You can find it in Strada di Corte Comare, 270.

How to get to Burano

You can easily get to Burano from Ca’Savio by bike, by car or by bus the pier of Punta Sabbioni or Treporti (around 4 km). From both piers you can take a waterbus (line 12 ACTV) to Burano. The ticket costs 7,50€ (per person/one way). Children under 6 years old are free of charge.

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