Lio Piccolo, a place immersed in silence

Lio Piccolo is a little village included in the municipality of Cavallino-Treporti, that worth for sure a visit during your stay in Ca’Savio. The village, often referred to as an island, although it is rather a set of islets separated by narrow channels, is about 15 km far from the campsite and it is accessed from Treporti along a very panoramic route, surrounded by fish valleys and sand banks.

Lio Piccolo by bike

The name “Lio” is an old term that means “lido”. The latin namen “Litus Minor” served to distinguish it from the nearby “Litus Maior”, today Lio Maggiore, located in Jesolo.

Here the landscape is characterized by vegetable gardens, where “castraure” (the first the violet artichoke bud) and “zizole” (jujube) are cultivated – with some isolated houses, surrounded by canals, lagoons and fishing valleys: the perfect location for many species of birds as herons, cormorants, knights of Italy, mallards, little egrets and the much-admired pink flamingos, which have been often seen here since a couple of years.

pink flamingos cavallino

photo credits: @VisitCavallino

If you are a bird-watcher or passionate about photography, this is the right place for you! Lio Piccolo is fascinating all year round: the seasonal changes make it unique and enchanting especially at the end of the day, when you can admire breathtaking sunsets through the salt marshes and the lagoons.

Lio Piccolo is also the ideal place for a picnic with the family, a walk alone surrounded by silence and nature or a bike trip (the roads are flat and mostly paved) to discover also the historical importance of these places. In fact, arriving at Lio Piccolo, you will be welcomed by a tiny center with the little square where the small church of Santa Maria della Neve (XVII century), the bell tower in Armenian style (1911) and an elegant little palace called Palazzetto Boldù (XVII century) face. The church has been recently restored as the bell tower, which worth definitely a visit, to admire from the top the wonderful view on the lagoon (you can visit the bell tower by reservation at the tourist office of Cavallino).

In Lio Piccolo you will not find only a lush nature and many species of birds to contemplate surrounded by silence, but also several local products as fish and vegetables to taste in the farmhouses located there. Try the purple artichoke (carciofo violetto), the “Asparegelle montine” a type of local asparagus, the jujubes, the sea breams, the sea bass, the eels, the “Moeche” (soft-shell crabs) and the “Masanete” (female crabs), and obviously everything is served from farm-to-table. Here the freshness of the products is guaranteed!

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