Weather in Cavallino-Treporti

One of the topics about Ca’Savio that for sure arouses a great curiosity in our guests are the weather conditions.

wetter in cavallino treporti

Before leaving, many people check the weather forecasts for their holiday period or ask us information during their stay, in order to chose the best day for their excursions.
We would like to start by saying that, it is hard to make perfectly correct forecasts for seaside destinations as Cavallino-Treporti, where the weather can change quickly and depends on the wind, the sea, the humidity and many other factors.

Here a table with some data (source

weather in ca'savio

The approximate data reported here above, are useful to know more about the weather of Cavallino-Treporti and the changes of its temperature over the year.
Winter is usually not very cold or rainy, but it can be foggy and therefore humid. Sometimes it snows, but not so often and for a long time.
Spring starts quite soon (between the end of March and the beginning of April) and the temperature increases around 4 degrees per month from March to June. This is the best period to discover by bike our beautiful surroundings or visit Venice: warm weather and few crowed places will wait for you! (–> check our spring offers!)
Summer explodes in mid-June until even the end of September, when the daytime temperature can reach 23-24 degrees but the evenings are cooler. During the summer season you can enjoy long sunny days –  perfect for a swim in our sea, for sunbathing on our sandy beach or having fun in our swimming pools – and warm evenings when you can have a open-air dinner with your family or taste a glass of wine with your friends.
This year the campsite will be open until October 07 to let you enjoy until the end our warm weather with very competitive prices! Autumn will start shortly after (around mid-October) and another season will be passed…




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