Pirates aboard!

Yes, it is true! It is not a dream… A pirates ship is mooring on our beach!

camping ca savio -  Jolly Rogers

Capitain Jack and the pirates of the Jolly Roger ship are ready to welcome all the kids for an amazing tour along the coastline of Cavallino-Treporti.

From the middle June to the beginning of September, the pirates ship will sail for a voyage of 1 hour and half to hunt for the enemy galleon.

jollyroger-camping ca savio

The departure is on the beach in front of the campsite at 1 p.m on Tuesday and at 3 p.m. on Thursday.

Tickets are directly purchased on board.

During the cruise you will be surrounded by the atmosphere of the pirates’ life!

All the children will be transformed in real pirates with a black tattoo, the Jolly Roger original bandana ad a sparkling sword… They will be involved in challenges and tests of courage until the final battle with the pirates of the enemy galleon. And before disembarking, let’s toast to the victory all together!

camping casavio cavallino -  Jolly Rogers

What are you waiting for? Go aboard and enjoy the true pirate life!

P.S. You can aboard barefoot and in beach clothes.


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