The Palio Remiero in Cavallino-Treporti

The 17th Palio Remiero will take place this year on June 11. It is one of the most important events of Cavallino-Treporti which attracts many spectators year by year.


The first Palio Remiero was organized on 1948 but only starting from the year 2000 it takes place regularly every year.

It commemorates the race in the lagoon that the farmers of Cavallino, Sant’Erasmo and Vignole had in the past to get the best place in Rialto vegetable market to sell their products. During the Palio the 12 districts of Cavallino-Treporti (Cavallino, Treporti, Ca’ Vio, Ca’ Savio, Faro Piave Vecchia, Ca’ di Valle, Ca’ Ballarin, Ca’ Pasquali, Punta Sabbioni, Saccagnana, Treporti and Lio Piccolo) represented by skilled rowers, compete on board of caorline, gondolas and mascarete – the typical Venetian rowing boats – to win the competition and award the “The Palio d’Arte”, a banner created by a different artist every year.

palio 2

In the occasion of Palio Remiero you can also admire on the Pordelio Canal a wonderful water parade of historical boats, of the most beautiful boats of the Rowing Clubs of Venice and the Venetian Mainland and some boats from the Venice Historical Regatta.

To check out the full programme of Palio Remiero, please visit the Palio Remiero facebook page.

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