Why you should try a mobile home holiday

Those who have never spent a camping holiday, probably do not know what is a mobilehome and which kind of stay it offers. Some people consider it not suitable for a family – perhaps a big one – or for couples of friends. But it is not so: read this article and you will discover why!

  1. It’s comfortable

Although they have a smaller size and a different appearance, our mobilehomes can be considered a house in every way! A bright living room with kitchenette, two or three comfortable bedrooms, one or two bathrooms and a big outdoor space are waiting for you.

As at home you can have lunch together, relax and have fun, but here you will be surrounded by nature, a few steps from the beach, the swimming pools and the many services offered by Camping Ca’Savio!


2. It’s beautiful

Camping Ca’ Savio mobile homes are quite new, you will find a high quality furniture, with a smart design.

Maxi Beach House

Maxi Beach House

3. It is stable

It is called mobile home, but does not wobble. There is electricity, water, bathroom and air conditioning.

4. There is everything you need

Are you a big family or two couples of friends? Do not worry, you will find all the space and privacy you need.

The kitchenette is functional and well organized as a real kitchen! You will find a gas stove, a refrigerator, a sink, a sideboard to store your food and a work surface to cook as much as you like.

The living room furnished with dining table and often also with a small sofa, is the ideal place to have breakfast together, to read a book or the morning newspaper, to let your children play or draw if it is raining outside… and if you open the entrance door the space will be even wider and brighter, and you will be immediately outside or in your veranda.

Mobilehome Sunrise

Mobilehome Sunrise

The veranda, so beloved by our guests, is a marvel and the real star! You will have an outdoor space only for you, equipped with table and chairs for the garden, where you can spend your time in absolute freedom. You can organize lunches and dinners with new friends, read a book in the shade while the kids play or sleep close to you, enjoy the cool breeze of the evening maybe by candlelight…

The comfortable and well furnished bedrooms will ensure you the privacy and rest you are looking for. In all our mobilehomes you will find a double bedroom and at least one, if not two, bedrooms with single beds. There are wardrobes for your clothes and enough shelves or cabinets to store everything you have taken with you: everyone will have his privacy and sleep quietly.

Moreover our mobilehomes dispose of bathroom and in some of them you can find even two! It is equipped with sink, toilet, shower, mirror and functional spaces to store everything you need.

P.S. Do not forget that all the bedrooms and bathrooms have windows and the mobile home is equipped with air conditioning!

5. it will change your mind and you’ll fall in love with camping

There are any time constraint if you are spending a holiday in mobilehome! Did you come back home late last night and want to sleep a little longer or do not your kids want to get up? Are you looking for a quick lunch to come back immediately to the beach or do you want to sit down all together around the table after dinner chatting and enjoying the cool? Here you can do it!

And if you do not like cooking, in the campsite you will find bars, restaurants, pizza and snacks take – away open until late evening!

A mobile home holiday

A mobile home holiday

Feel free! You do not even have to think what to wear during your holiday. Easy and comfortable clothes will be enough! Forget uncomfortable shoes and perfect make up or the past days spent wearing your suits, and if you wish you can even wear your bathing costume or suit all day long! Have breakfast on your veranda and then enjoy a day at the beach, cycling, playing on the beach, swim in the swimming pool and then sunbathe: do not you think, you need just to wear a bathing costume or suit to do all this? And when you come back to your accommodation, you do not need to change your clothes for lunch or dinner: you are staying in a mobile home, you are at home, feel free to wear what you like!

Have you ever spent a holiday in mobilehome? At Camping Ca’Savio you can choose among a lot of models – including the brand new mobile home Laguna with 3 bedrooms for 6 people! What are you waiting for?

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