How to make a traditional italian coffee

Coffee is one of the most loved and known Italian drinks. It is a real institution in our country and its preparation follows a well defined procedure.

Normally we use moka pot (“caffettiera” in Italian) to prepare coffee at home.

For foreign people can be difficult to use this kind of coffee maker, but it worth to learn how to use it, if you want to prepare yourself the real Italian coffee and taste a special drink…

Moreover, you are going to find a moka in your mobilhome or bungalow here at Camping Ca’ Savio, so you need to learn how to use it!

Here the rules to follow to prepare a coffee with the traditional moka pot:

  1. Fill up the bottom boiler with water until the safety valve
  2. Insert the metal filter
  3. Fill up completely the metal filter with the coffee powder
  4. Screw the upper boiler into the bottom one
  5. Place the moka pot over medium high heat
  6. After some minutes water will start to boil and pass, through the filter, from the bottom boiler to the upper one. Now check the upper boiler: when it will be almost full of coffee, reduce heat
  7. Turn off when the upper boiler is completely full of coffee
  8. Serve the coffee still hot (you can add sugar or milk as you like).

We suggest you to drink coffee in a porcelain demitasse cup like we do: it will seem to be in Italy!!!

P.S. After drinking your coffee, remember to throw the coffee waste into the rubbish and wash the moka pot with water. To prepare a new coffee you have to start again.

We have prepared a short video with all the instructions to make a traditional italian coffee with the moka pot: enjoy!

Download this quick guide “How-to make an Italian Coffee“: bring it with you during your holiday!

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