A quick guide about caffè – the Italian Coffee

Coffee (caffè in Italian) was introduced in Italy around 1570 by Prospero Alpino, a Paduan botanist and physician, who bear some bags of coffee from the East.

The Venetians first learned to enjoy the drink, which was very expensive at that time and because sold in pharmacies. In 1763 there were 218 coffee shops in Venice and soon the coffee became a product of high popularity and often a sign of friendship and love: suitors and lovers took to the habit of sending trays full of chocolate and coffee to their beloved as expression of their love.

Today coffee is a real institution in our country. We are used to drink it both at home and outside and for us it is a way for socializing and meeting. For this reason we often say: “Let’s go, I will buy you a cup of coffee!”

Coffee at Camping Ca' Savio

Coffee at Camping Ca’ Savio

In Italy, almost everywhere you can taste a good coffee: you have only to choose the best for you among several specialities….

It will be a hard choice!!!

  1. Caffè normale: also called “Espresso”, it is served in a porcelain demitasse cup with its own saucer and a little spoon
  2. Caffè lungo: it is a coffee made with more water, whose consistency and strength is not the same as an espresso
  3. Caffè doppio: it’s made of two shots of espresso, served in a larger cup (in Italian “tazza grande”)
  4. Caffè ristretto: served in demitasse, it is stronger and more concentrated than a normal coffee, because it is made with less water
  5. Caffè corretto: it is an espresso with a shot of liquor (normally we prefer “Grappa”). When you order this kind of coffee, you have to tell also which kind of liquor you desire. This coffee can be served in demitasse or in a small glass cup
  6. Caffè macchiato: it is an espresso served in demitasse and stained with hot (called “macchiato caldo”) or cold milk (called “macchiato freddo”). If you want to add cold milk yourself, you have to ask the barman “latte a parte”
  7. Cappuccino: this is a breakfast coffee and normally we drink it until 11 a.m. It is an espresso with steamed and frothy milk added, served in a large cup
  8. Caffè shakerato: it is a summer coffee drink and consists in an espresso shaken with ice and sugar (if requested) served in a glass cup
  9. Caffè in ghiaccio: it is a summer coffee drink but different from caffè shakerato because not shaken. It consists in an hot espresso (with or without sugar) cooled with ice cubes and served in a glass cup. This drink must be drunk immediately
  10. Caffè americano: it is made with a shot of espresso with hot water added and served in the larger cup
  11. Caffè HAG: HAG is the most popular decaffeinated coffee in Italy. it can be ordered as normal, double or macchiato
  12. Caffè marocchino: it is made with a shot of espresso, served in a glass demitasse cup, with a sprinkling of cacao and milk foam spooned on top
  13. Caffè d’orzo: it is an alternative to traditional espresso but it is not really a coffee, because made from barley. It can be ordered as normal, double or macchiato.

So, are you ready for your next coffee at Camping Ca’ Savio?


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