What to do if you are in Venice in September? Part 2. Antique markets

Here is a short list of the antique markets in Venice area:

  • 13-14 September, Venice – Campo Santa Maria Nova (sestriere of Cannaregio): “Mercatino dei Miracoli” (“Market of Miracles”): a small market full of antiques and used, unique pieces for collectors and hobbyists, prints, books and comics that often come from the Venetian homes.
  • 14 September, Portobuffolè: antiques, old things and used, ancient objects, comics, books, prints and collectibles.
  • 14 September, Noale: mercatino dell’antiquariato e dei trovarobe.
  • 14 September, Vicenza (in the city center – Unesco heritage)
  • 14 September, Asolo: furniture, jewellery, silverware, prints and books, modern art and general objects, are exposed along the streets of the old town centre.
  • 19-21 September, Venice (campo San Maurizio): ancient and old objects, books, collectibles, prints.
  • 21 September, Padua, Prato della Valle: 160 sellers, antiques, prints, books, furniture, glass, porcelain and jewelery
  • 28 September, Treviso – Borgo Cavour: “cose d’altri tempi”: antiques and collectibles.
  • 28 September, Dolo (Riviera del Brenta), in the charming old mill and in the old “squero”, where boats were once built.

antique market venice

Visiting the local antique markets is a good chance to discover small and beautiful towns or neighborhoods that that are well worth a visit!

Remember that if you decide to spend a (short) holiday in Venice area in September, you can also take advantage of Camping Ca’ Savio Special offer for September!

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