Cavallino Treporti and farm tradition

During the times of the Republic of Venice, most of the vegetables served in Venice came from the gardens and cultivations of Lio Piccolo and Saccagnana where from there they would reach the famous markets of Rialto on board of the typical boats called “caorline”.

Today, the territory of Cavallino Treporti still preserves its culture.

cavallino treporti panorama

Cavallino Treporti: woman working

Cavallino Treporti: woman working (on wheels!)

Of course, there are many small markets where you can buy local products (km zero)

A vegetable market in Cavallino

A vegetable market in Ca’ Savio


This year at Camping Ca’ Savio we have a small kitchen garden where guests can see how different aromatic plants and typical vegetables of the region of Cavallino-Treporti  grow.

Camping Ca' Savio vegetable garden

Camping Ca’ Savio vegetable garden

Guests will be able to see with their own eyes the vegetables grow. Also, children will be able to observe from close the different species and will go home with a special gift: a kit in a box which enables them to cultivate the typical vegetables of Cavallino Treporti with an amazing digital support!

3 thoughts on “Cavallino Treporti and farm tradition

  1. Schade das es im Camping Ca´Savio Supermarket keine regionalen Produkte gibt, sondern Tomaten aus Holland! Deshalb sind auch wir außerhalb einkaufen gegangen.
    Familie Koleszar

    • dear Angela, we thank you so much for your comment, that give us the chance to explain.
      At Ca’ Savio supermarket we sell regional products, but often they remain unsold, maybe because in some cases they are unknown (like eggplants, or our tomatoes “cuor di bue”..). There are several customers who requests “their” products (like tomatoes from Holland), and this is the reason why we have to sell both: vegetables from Venice area and foreign vegetables too.
      Our intent is to promote the knowledge of local products and this is just the reason why this year we give our customer this special gift. Every year people is more and more conscious, and we hope things will change soon!

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