Palio Remiero di Cavallino Treporti: boats, race, music and typical Venetian food

This rowing race will take place on Sunday 9th of June and it’s one of the most important events in CavallinoTreporti.

In the water villages of Cavallino and Treporti, just until fifty/sixty years ago the boats were the main means of communication.

The Cavallino greengrocers used to improvise races every day on their “caorlinas” full of vegetables and fruit, in order to be the first to arrive to the Erbaria in Rialto and have a better chance to sell the products.

Today the Palio brings back the memories of these men, and with them the rowing champions that dominated the more important venetian rowing races from the thirties right through to the sixties.

The regatta of the “caorlinas” of the “Contradas” is perhaps the most spectacular and characteristic race of these islands, once populated mostly by greengrocers who used the “caorlinas” as boats for shipment. Precisely in order to commemorate this traditional use, the “caorlinas” will be decorated with seasonal fruit and vegetables and the best “caorlina” will be awarded a prize. The theatre of the Race will be Canale S. Felice, where, in front of the nineteenth-century “Forte Vecchio” the starting point will be set, and the historical Canale Pordelìo, the port of the Roman and medieval Lio Maggiore.

palio remiero Cavallino Treporti

Palio Remiero in Cavallino Treporti

On the whole the itinerary covers about 11 kilometres, among ample sandbanks, ancient banks and lagoon market gardens, with the characteristic rural dwellings and the houses of the basins. The whole itinerary of the cortege and of the regattas will be visible from the streets that run along the two canals. These streets will be closed to all vehicles during the show. It is the one rare occasion in which it is possible to follow a Venetian row by bicycle.

Moreover, there will be music and typical venetian food.

An opportunity that must not be missed!

So if you are on holiday at Camping Ca’ Savio in Cavallino Treporti, we suggest you to take your bike and follow the Palio Remiero. Here is the program:

programma palio remiero Cavallino Treporti

Programma Palio Remiero Cavallino Treporti

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