New mobilhomes 2013

This Summer you are going to find 2 new models of mobile homes.

They arrived some weeks ago and our team is working hard to get them ready for you all.

So, here they are:

The Maxi Beach House

Maxi Beach House at Ca' Savio Camping near Venice

Maxi Beach House – the big veranda

As you can see, these new mobilhomes have a very large veranda, great to enjoy your breakfast, your dinner or your lazy afternoons.

Maxi beach House at Camping Ca' Savio

Maxi Beach House

They take in 5 persons as they have 2 bedrooms: one room with double bed, the other room with 2 single beds +1 foldaway bed.

They have enough space and a lot of light thanks to the wide window.

The location, also, is beautiful. They are very close to the beach and to the restaurant and pools at the same time (for those who remember.. they are at the old “Maxi Caravan Elite” place).

All details about the Maxi Beach House, with prices and availability are on Ca’ Savio website.

The second model is the Maxicaravan Riviera

Here are some photos (from the catalog):

Maxicaravan Riviera - 6 people camping Ca' Savio in Cavallino

Maxicaravan Riviera – kitchen

Camping Ca' Savio in cavallino new mobile home

Maxicaravan Riviera – kitchen

Maxi Caravan Riviera - living room

Maxi Caravan Riviera – living room

They are in a quiet location in the pinewood, close to the swimming pool, and they take in 6 people.

These new mobile homes have a room with a double bed, a room with 2 single beds and a living room with divan bed and a nice covered veranda.

They are great for families looking for a comfortable accommodation with an outdoor space.

As soon as they will be ready we are going to show you more pictures, don’t worry!

In the meantime, see all details about the new Maxi Cavaran Riviera

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