Pirates on Ca’Savio beach

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While you are enjoying the beach in Cavallino Treporti, you could see a gorgeous pirate ship sailing.

Also, if  you always desired to become a real pirate, now you can!

Whatever your age, the wild pirate crew on board of the Jolly Roger will entertain you with spectacles, music and games.

Every Tuesday ( 1 pm) and Thursday (3 pm). Tickets on board.

2 thoughts on “Pirates on Ca’Savio beach

  1. We’ll be there from mid June 2011. Are the Pirates going to be there also? Which days, what time and which minimaum age?

  2. hi Kajetan,
    of course the pirates are going to come this year, too!
    They should be here starting from the 20th of June (are you still here?) , every Tuesday at 13.00 and Thurday at 15.00.
    There’s no minimum age, under 1 year children are free.
    Children 1-11 years old pay 11€, adults 14€.
    Hope you can get them.
    See you in June!

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