Today, the sea..

Many people is asking me what are the weather conditions here and how is the sea today.. well, I took these pictures about 2 hours ago and uploaded for you!


And, for those who want to hear the sound.. watch this short video!

4 thoughts on “Today, the sea..

  1. What a beautiful picture and what a sound…
    Me and my parents were at Camping Ca’Savio the last week and came back to germany yesterday. 😦 It was the 5th time at the camping site and I had a beautiful time again. I hope I will be back as soon as possible. Nice greets to all of you… especially to the cute “salvataggio” guy I saw in the back part of the campingsite/beach every day. 😉
    And compliments for the blog… this is a very good idea!
    Oh… and one question: what is the name of the beach bar at the end of your beach (towards camping dei fiori)?

  2. Thank you Ina, I’m trying to find the name of the beach bar.. I’ll let you know!
    Meanwhile I post a picture of 2 “salvataggio” guys, I hope they are the ones you know..
    bye bye!

  3. That is terribly nice from you, because I looked for the name of the bar in the internet, but I couldn´t find it!
    Nice picture from the 2 “salvataggio” guys… indeed they are not the two ones I meant. I meant the one from the other tower towards cavallino 😉
    Have a nice week and perhaps you can send a little bit of your sun to germany… it is so cold and rainy…

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