The Beach on Fire: a show not to be missed!

On August 27 do not make engagements and take a place on the beach in front of the campsite: an amazing firework show will start at 22.30!

Thousands of fireworks will be launched simultaneously along the 13km long coastline of Cavallino-Treporti, lighting the sky with beautiful pictures reflecting on the sea and leaving all the spectators breathless. Here is the Beach on Fire, one of the most important summer events of our municipality!


The music will accompany this spectacular show, which is internationally renowned and factored into the Guinness Book of Records as the longest fireworks display in the world.

Save the date and do not miss the Beach on Fire!

The Rialto Market, a must visit in Venice

The Rialto area, the center for commerce in Venice, was one of the first parts of the city to be developed.

Since the 11th century it hosts the market and starting from the 16th century, after a fire which completely destroyed it, it is made by a complex of squares and porticoes dedicated to different products:

  • Erberia (fruit and vegetable market),
  • Naranzeria (oranges),
  • Speziali (spices) and
  • Pescaria (fish).

rialto fish market

If you are in Venice do not miss the chance to visit this market, still so loved by Venetian!

Fruits and vegetable coming from the nearby island of Sant’Erasmo, but also fresh fish of the lagoon or the Adriatic sea are sold here: a good opportunity for you to stock a rented kitchen or to prepare a cheap and healthy picnic!

rialto fruit market

Rialto fruit market

Rialto fruit market

Rialto fish market is the biggest fish market in Venice: it is made up of many banquets placed under the porticoes of two buildings overlooking the Grand Canal. On a corner of one building you can see a statue representing St. Peter, the most famous fisherman of the history. It is easy to understand why the fish has always been so important for Venice: the city has been founded on the water and the fish was one of the most important nourishment for the population. For this reason, since 1173, the Republic of Venice has regulated the sale of the fish with a special edict that established the rules for trade. La Serenissima was very strict with those who sold the fish under the established measures and at Rialto market you can see also today a white marble table hung on a building showing the minimum length allowed for the sale of fish.

Rialto fish market

Rialto fish market

Rialto fish market

Rialto fish market

The best time to visit the market is during the morning, when Venetians buy everything they need to prepare the lunch. The fruit and vegetable market is open every day from 07:00 to 20:00 instead the fish market is open from 07:00 to 14:00 (not on Monday).

Rialto market

Do you want to know how to get to the Rialto market? It is easy! From St Mark Square follow the indications to Rialto. After a quick walk (around 10-15 minutes) you will reach the Rialto Bridge and the market. If you prefer not walking, take the ACTV waterbus (line 1) from San Marco-San Zaccaria to Rialto-Mercato (there is a waterbus about 10-15 minutes and the voyage takes you about 30 minutes).

From Camping Ca’ Savio to Venice.


Open-air fitness at Camping Ca’Savio

Are you spending your holiday in Ca’Savio and do you want to come back home to be fit and trained? New this year you can find outdoor fitness equipment! Do not you know that? Take a look here!

open-air fitness ca' savio

Go to the playground located close to the main restaurant: 6 brand new equipment are waiting for you… And completely for free!

open-air fitness ca' savio

You do not need a personal trainer, just be careful to read the instructions about how to use them and to stop if you are tired or pain…


Here the list:

Rower Machine – Cardiovascular exercise and total body tonification

rower machine - open-air fitness ca' savio

rower machine

Chest Press – Chest, shoulders, and triceps’ tonification

Surfboard Station – Cardiovascular exercise and abdominals’ tonification

Ellittica – Total body cardiovascular exercise


Lat Machine – Shoulders, back and biceps’ tonification

lat machine - open-air fitness ca' savio

Crunch and Iperextention – Develop muscles of the buttocks, hamstrings, zones lumbar and abdominal.

Try our new fitness equipment and enjoy the beauty to practice open-air sport!

If you are curious to see all our sport activities, check our website

Visiting Venice without getting lost

Venice is slow, visiting Venice requires calm, silence and a positive attitude in getting lost.

Best details are hidden and you can discover them only is you move away from the crowds. BUT…

Sometimes it happens, you have a limited time, and you have to see Rialto Bridge, St. Marc Square and so on, we know it.

You need a map, but Venice is such a strange town and often Google maps is not working properly.

This is the reason for choosing “Ecco Venezia, a new app” that allows you to follow an itinerary among the main attractions in the town, without getting lost. You will choose the route you prefer, download it for free and start your visit. Point of attractions are for example Rialto, Fenice, Frari, San Rocco, San Marco and many others.

The app is available in Italian, English, German, French and Spanish.

More details are on our website.


Animation at Camping Ca’Savio

Animation for kids and adults, sport activities, evening shows and much more at Camping Ca’Savio are absolutely for free.

From Whitsunday until middle of September our staff will entertain our guests with a lot of activities: during your holiday in Ca’Savio you will find for sure something to do and you will not get bored!

Do you want already to start dreaming your next holiday? Check here all the activities and the entertainment for this summer! We tried to sum them up, please note that some activities can change due to the period (high or low season) or the weather conditions.

In the morning:

  • MiniClub: all kids from 4 years old can join the many activities organized at the MiniClub, as painting, drawing, constructing, games at the swimming pool or on the beach…
  • Fitness, Yoga, Stretching, Circle training and Bootcamp on the garden: every day you can find a different activity to improve your fitness in a peaceful garden surrounded by plants and flowers
  • Aquagym: music, fun and sport will wait for you at the swimming pool in the pinewood
  • Football and volleyball school (7-15 years): the sporting school are for free! At the end of the school a final tournament will take place on Friday…All the kids wait for your support!
  • Sport tournaments: ping-pong, waterpolo and much more… These tournaments are dedicated to teenagers from 12 years old

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In the afternoon:

  • MiniClub: special activities (i.e. “Kids Science Club”, “Sabbiarelli”, “Painting workshop”, “Beauty salon”) for kids from 6 years old
  • Lego: Why don’t you play with Lego bricks at the swimming pool in the pinewood? The entrance is for free and open to all ages
  • Zumba and Aquazumba: our animators wait for you to dance all together on the stage or at the swimming pool in street 13!
  • Splashdance: Let’s dance the Happy Disco on the swimming pool!
  • Football and volleyball school (7-15 years)
  • Sport tournament for adults (+15)

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In the evening:

  • Happy Disco: every evening we wait for all kids to dance on the stage
  • Evening shows: every evening a new show will take place on the stage or in other places of the campsite: cabaret, live music or magic shows, musical, water games etc…
  • Sport events broadcasted on wide screens (at the main restaurant and at the two snack bars in str.13 and str.37).

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If you want to be always aware of all activities, visit our website

Every week we have a different programme, you can find it at the campsite or on our website: download the weekly activities’ programme!





Pirates aboard!

Yes, it is true! It is not a dream… A pirates ship is mooring on our beach!

camping ca savio -  Jolly Rogers

Capitain Jack and the pirates of the Jolly Roger ship are ready to welcome all the kids for an amazing tour along the coastline of Cavallino-Treporti.

From the middle June to the beginning of September, the pirates ship will sail for a voyage of 1 hour and half to hunt for the enemy galleon.

jollyroger-camping ca savio

The departure is on the beach in front of the campsite at 1 p.m on Tuesday and at 3 p.m. on Thursday.

Tickets are directly purchased on board.

During the cruise you will be surrounded by the atmosphere of the pirates’ life!

All the children will be transformed in real pirates with a black tattoo, the Jolly Roger original bandana ad a sparkling sword… They will be involved in challenges and tests of courage until the final battle with the pirates of the enemy galleon. And before disembarking, let’s toast to the victory all together!

camping casavio cavallino -  Jolly Rogers

What are you waiting for? Go aboard and enjoy the true pirate life!

P.S. You can aboard barefoot and in beach clothes.


The “Redentore” festival

Between 1575 and 1577 Venice was affected by the plague and more than a third of the population died. The senate decided to erect a church dedicated to Christ the Redeemer as an offering for divine help and the following year the city was declared free of disease. Year by year Venetians commemorates this event, which is still one of the most important in the city. Every year a temporary floating bridge about 300 mt long (called “Ponte Votivo”) is erected over the Giudecca Canal to connect the Zattere with the Church of Redentore and a religious procession takes place on the 3rd Sunday of July (this year July 17).

If you will visit Venice during the Redentore Festival, do not miss the great party organized on Saturday evening that ends with wonderful fireworks displayed on the lagoon. Since early in the morning Venetian people begin to decorate their boats or terraces from where they can admire the show with balloons, garlands and lights. At the sunset the lagoon in front of St. Mark Square begins to fill up with boats of all kinds and Venetians, while dining with relatives and friends, wait for the fireworks on board of them or at the restaurants facing the lagoon.


Around 11 p.m. the fireworks start and the lagoon becomes one of the most beautiful stages in the world: lights, colours and a wonderful atmosphere will surround Venice for about 45 minutes leaving everyone breathless and at the end of the fireworks, the young people of the city head off to Lido of Venice and wait for the dawn sitting on the beach or enjoying the many night-time events.

Redentore Venezia

Do you want to know where to watch the fireworks even if you do not own a boat?

The best places in Venice are the Giudecca and Riva degli Schiavoni: these places will be very crowed and sometimes your view could be obstructing by moored boats, but it is worth to try to find a good place there.

Redentore Venezia

If you can not go to Venice, do not give up to watch the show: go to the harbor of Punta Sabbioni (it is only 4 km far from the campsite)! From the pier you can watch the fireworks the same: maybe it will not be as to be in Venice because they will be a little far, but it is a fair compromise not to miss them.

And on Sunday? The procession to the Church of Redentore will take place in the morning and the Redentore regatta on the Giudecca Canal will close the celebration of the festival.

Have fun!


“Turistica Penzo” boat trip: An easy way to discover Venice and the Islands!

Venice and the lagoon Islands – Murano, Burano and Torcello – worth well a visit! Do not miss the chance to discover the beauty of Venice, the coloured houses of Burano or to attend a demonstration of glass making in Murano! Even if you are traveling with kids or you have only one day free…

How to do? Join a tour organized by Turistica Penzo! On Monday and Thursday a full day trip to the islands and Venice will leave at 09:00 a.m. from the centre of Ca’Savio (about 1 km far from the campsite).

On board of a comfortable boat equipped with indoor and outdoor seats for 250 persons you will voyage in the lagoon and discover the beauty of these places. During the voyage the guide will give you some information about the places you will visit (do not be afraid: she speaks Italian, English, German and French!).

Venice boat tours

Curious to know what you will see? Here the programme:


The boat stops close to church. From there you can reach the centre on foot in few minutes. You have about 1 hour to visit alone the island: we suggest you to walk along the main road until Piazza Galuppi – the most important square of the island – where you will find the Lace Museum, many shops if you want to buy some souvenirs (Burano is famous for the lace but also for the typical delicious biscuits called “Bussolai”) and several bars where to have a rest.



Here you have about 1 hour. On foot you can reach the centre of the island where the most important buildings are located only in 10 minutes. You will have time for a quick visit of Santa Maria Assunta Basilica or Santa Fosca Church



Murano is famous for the glass. Here, accompanied by the guide, you will visit a furnace and see how glass is made. You will have few time to buy some glass souvenirs at the shop located close to the furnace or to make a quick walk.



You will reach the city in the afternoon and spend there a couple of hours. St. Mark Square, Doge’s Palace and the Basilica are only 10-15 minutes far on foot. We suggest you to have a look at the surroundings of St. Mark Square, but not too far! Venice is wonderful and it is easy to walk losing track of time captured by her beauty! But the boat will not wait for you and leaves at 17:30!

Offer Ca' Savio Venice in September

What are you waiting for? Prepare everything you need for your visit: your camera, comfortable clothes and shoes and if you want also your own food and drinks to take with you for a quick lunch on board during the voyage!

Visit Camping Ca’ Savio website to find all the info about the Motor-boat trip to Venice and the Lagoon Islands: Murano, Burano and Torcello

Camping Ca’ Savio Services: a comfortable holiday without any worries

Are you looking for a stress-free vacation without bulky luggage and worries? If you have booked one of the accommodation of the campsite (bungalows, chalets, mobilehomes) you can spend a comfortable holiday and enjoy the many services we provide our guests. Read on!

Linen hire

At the time of booking or before your arrival you can book bed linen for double or single bed. You will find them inside your accommodation at your arrival and you will have much more space in your suitcase if you travel by plane! Check here the prices!

P.S. If you need to change your bed linen during your stay, you can ask at the Reception to get new bed linen (you will be required to pay for a new rental) or you can wash them for a reasonable price at the laundry of the campsite.

Cots, high chair and bed rail hire

Are you traveling with kids? Cots and high chairs can be useful for them to spend a nice and comfortable holiday!

At the campsite you can find camp beds suitable for children until about 2 years old. The camp bed can be placed, depending on the accommodation type, in the double bedroom or in the children bedroom or in the living room. Does your child sleep in a single bed? Book a bed rail to let him/her sleep safe without the danger of falling out of bed…

And for lunch or dinner time? A high chair is the ideal solution for you if you want to have lunch or dinner all together! You can eat inside your accommodation or on the outside terrace: your child will be always safe!

Breakfast and half board

At the main restaurant of the campsite you can enjoy a well-stocked breakfast buffet in the morning and a delicious dinner at the evening: the ideal solution for those you prefer not to cook on holiday or want to taste the Italian food comfortably seated at the restaurant. And if you have children until 6 years old they pay half price!

camping ca savio restaurant

Air conditioning

The most part of our accommodation (except Bungalows 1 Fila and mobilehomes Easy) are equipped with air conditioning on payment. What to do to use the air conditioning system? Buy at the Customer Care Office of the campsite the prepaid card for air conditioning! You do not need to book it and you will pay for the air conditioning only if you ask for the service: no fixed additional charges will be apply to your accommodation!

Unconventional boat tours in the lagoon of Cavallino-Treporti

Do you want to discover the surroundings of the campsite or are you looking for an unconventional tour during your stay at Camping Ca’Savio? We have the right solution for you!

You can visit the wonderful lagoon landscape of Cavallino-Treporti – characterized by the typical fishing valleys, sandbanks and many plants and birds – joining one of the following tours. You have only to choose the best for you according to your needs and interests…Take a look here!

For bicycle lovers

The bicycle is one of the best way to discover our surroundings. By bicycle you can explore not beaten tracks, you can stop wherever you want to admire the luxurious nature of these places and the many birds living there. You will discover a wonderful landscape, the scents and sounds of nature will surround you while the blue sky and the bright sunshine will accompany you during your tour. And to complete your trip, go aboard a boat with your bike and reach the opposite side of the lagoon! During the crossing you can have a rest, take some photos and see places you cannot explore otherwise. Do not you have a bicycle with you? No problem, you can rent it in the campsite

bike and bicycle - Cavallino lagoon

bike and bicycle tour – Cavallino lagoon

For nature lovers

Go aboard the boat and enjoy the peace and beauty of the lagoon. You will voyage towards the small village of Lio Piccolo and after a stop to see the flamingos – if they will be there – and a quick walk you will leave towards Lio Maggiore, where you will visit an agritouristic farm to discover the tasty products of our territory. Do not forget to take your camera with you: for sure you will take a lot of nice pictures! The lagoon landscape with its many colors, the gentle breeze blowing through the canals and the chirping of birds living on the sandbanks will leave you breathless.

laguna lio piccolo

For romance lovers

A boat tour at sunset is one of the most romantic experience you can live…Here you can! You will cruise and relax through the lagoon. A pleasant way to spend a unique evening surrounded by the magic atmosphere of our lagoon…

romantic excursion in Cavallino lagoon